Randy Tendering

26 May, 2020

My mother died when I was only 6 and my Dad remarried when I was 8. I grew up in a home that went to church, but I would not have called it a “Christian” home. I left home at 17 and turned my back on God. I joined the Army and, after training, got orders for Vietnam. I spent the next 19 years living the ways of the world. The company I was working for transferred me to California where God ran me down. On August 26, 1989, after almost 20 years of running away from God, at a Christian music festival in San Bernardino, California I went forward and asked for God’s forgiveness and became a child of God at 37! I got a degree from Multnomah Bible College and have served the Lord ever since. I now run the children’s programs here among other things. My wife of 21 ½ years, Karen, died 3 years ago and I facilitate Griefshare here at Atonement. I am a living example that God can save you at any age and that you can serve God at any age!


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