Luke Long

18 June, 2020

I grew up as one of those pastor’s kids who said he wasn’t going to be a pastor. In my teen years I pursued excitement in the outdoor playground of the Pacific Northwest through skydiving, bungee jumping, snowboarding, rock climbing, cliff diving, and more. However, these paled in comparison to the thrill of seeing a friend receive Christ as I shared with him during a mountain climb at age 16.

Through a season of brokenness and personal revival, God gave me a hunger to see more know Jesus. I have now had the incredible privilege of serving in youth and young adult ministry for over 20 years! I am passionate about sharing God’s life-changing love with the world and multiplying young disciple-makers. My wife, Summer, and I love actively serving together at Atonement Free Lutheran Church with music, young adult ministry, and the teen evangelism and equipping ministry called “River”.

The outdoor adventures continue now with our four boys – Asher, August, London and Legend.

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