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River Info


River is a spiritually refreshing, weekly event for teens!
We call it “River” because God’s love is like a River –deep, refreshing, life-giving and renewing. We want to dive into this weekly and then take it to a thirsty world!
–Not sure about faith? Come explore evidence!
–Ready to grow? Come be equipped to live The Cause!

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What to Expect

Come through the main doors and the River area will be on your left. If it’s your first time, you are welcome to come right up to the coffee counter and get a free Italian soda or espresso. There will be others there that would love to meet you and introduce you to a circle of friends. We sit at coffee tables throughout River so it is a casual and relaxed setting. Each Wednesday evening features a focus on truth from the Bible and how it applies to our lives. Blended with this truth is student interaction, activities, discussion, stories, songs, videos and opportunities for prayer. Finally, there is the challenge to take the “river” of God’s love outside the four walls and into the world as messengers of “the best news ever”!

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What: River is a place where students can build a strong foundation of faith, connect for growth with others, and obtain a vision for how they can be a part of God’s purposes in the world.
When: Every Wednesday Night @ 6:30-8:00pm (but can also hang around until 9pm)
Where: Atonement
Who: Students 7-12th grade

Other highlights throughout the year are camps, trips, retreats, activities, hikes, service projects, bbq’s, events and outings.

Have questions? Ask our Youth Pastor.