Jeff & Jane Swanson – Naknek, Alaska

10 September, 2020

Jeff & Jane Swanson - Naknek, Alaska


Jeff and Jane Swanson are serving as pastor in north and south Naknek, Alaska.

Pastor Jeff and Jane Swanson have faithfully served the two churches in North and South Naknek, Alaska, since September of 2007. They have a real heart for the locals who live in such a remote environment and for the many fishermen and fish processing workers who come from all over the world during the salmon fishing season each year. The Swanson’s have six children and the two youngest, Hope and Abigail, live with them in Naknek. One of their older daughters is married to AFLC missionary John Lee and they serve in Brazil. The Swansons work closely with Jeremy and Lacey Crowell and Bob and Margaret Lee there in Naknek.