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Closed Captions

Follow these steps or watch this video to learn how to add captions to our videos through a chrome browser

1. Open a chrome browser and click on the three vertical dots located on the top righthand corner of your screen.

*This only works through a chrome browser


2. Click on the Settings tab which should be located near the bottom


3. Click on the Advanced tab, located on the left of your screen near the bottom of the Settings column


4. Once the Advanced tab is open, click on the Accessibility tab

5. Once the Accessibility tab is open you will find the Live Caption tab

6. Once you find the Live Caption tab all you need to do is switch the icon and then captions will be turned on

7. Underneath the Live Caption tab is the Caption preferences tab, here you will find customizing options such as font size & color

8. Now that your captions are turned on you can find a video that you would like to watch. Type aflchurch.org into your chrome browser and you'll find our home page.

9. Once you get to our home page scroll down until you find our media options. Here you can find last Sundays Sermon or navigate to our Media Library to search past Sermons and Media

10. You can then find the category of media you are looking for or use the search bar to find a particular video

11. When you find the video you want to watch all you have to do is press play and the captions will appear. The box can be moved around to be in the most convenient spot for you

Click Here to download Chrome

Feel free to reach out if you are having any troubles!

Church Office: (360) 435-9191