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Another Movie Filtering Option For Parents

29 October, 2020

It’s often we find ourselves watching a movie on Amazon Prime or Netflix and want to watch it with our young kids, but don’t want to unnecessarily expose them to curses or other things.

movie filtering

Over the years, we’ve found there are a couple options for filtering of DVD Movie content, but what about streaming services? In addition to ClearPlay, another option is available for families that is completely customizable.

It’s called “enJoy”. With “enJoy”, parents can filter dvd’s that their children watch on their computers to remove sex, violence, bad language etc.

Clearplay offers filtering options on a dvd player but it doesn’t have the ability to do it on a computer and there is not the option to customize the filters yourself which enJoy does offer. Traci, the creator of the product, initially developed it for her own family and then thought that other parents would be interested. If you have a look at the subscription fees you will see that the product isn’t about making money, it is about providing something that parents need.

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