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Title Scripture Speaker Date
2015-08-09 What is the Greatest Stumbling Block? Pastor Rick Long 2015-08-09
2015-07-26 Guest Speaker: Mike Riddle 2015-07-26
2015-07-19 Run the Race... With Faithfulness Pastor Rick Long 2015-07-19
2015-07-12 Run the Race... With Faith Pastor Rick Long 2015-07-12
2015-07-05 Is Jesus True God? Part 2 Pastor Rick Long 2015-07-05
2015-06-28 Answers to Serious Questions... Is Jesus Really God? Pastor Rick Long 2015-06-28
2015-06-21 Guest Speaker: Lyndon Korhonen 2015-06-21
2015-06-14 Guest Speaker: Missionary Nate Jore 2015-06-14
2015-06-07 Guest Speaker: Missionary Matthew Abel 2015-06-07
2015-05-31 Can We Trust the Bible... In Its Historical Accuracy? Pastor Rick Long 2015-05-31
2015-05-24 Is the Bible True... In Its Accuracy? Pastor Rick Long 2015-05-24
2015-05-17: Is There Evidence of God in History? Pastor Rick Long 2015-05-17
2015-05-10 May the Lord Build Your Home Pastor Rick Long 2015-05-10
2015-05-03 When Must We Engage in 'Civil Disobedience'? Pastor Rick Long 2015-05-03
2015-04-26 How Do We Respond to the Marriage Issue? Pastor Rick Long 2015-04-26
2015-04-19 Answering Critical Questions: Why Am I Here? Pastor Rick Long 2015-04-19
2015-03-29: Temptations With Which We Also Struggle: Compromise Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-29
2015-03-22 Temptations With Which We Also Struggle: Fear Numbers 13:1-3, 26-33 Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-22
2015-03-15 Temptations With Which We Also Struggle: Discontentment Numbers 11:1-6, 31-35 Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-17
2015-03-08 Fellowship With God Calls for Holiness Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-08

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