Here is a response from Michael Thomas, one of our team members at Kako in Alaska, to my question of how things are going:

Michael Thomas writes:

It's going great! Most of the kids we had this week were about eight to ten year old and were very energetic! We survived though.  The kids are leaving camp at various times in the planes right now. The ministry is going well though and I know that in the cabin at night we had a great opportunity to talk and share with the kids.  In my cabin we started off in the beginning the first night and talked about Adam and Eve and sin and then continued that the second night with also some bible stories from the old testament leading up to Jesus and talked about that briefly.  Then the third night we reviewed everything and then talked all about Jesus and heaven.  My four kids really opened up and talked about some really difficult things for them to talk about.  One of the kids talked about how his brother, who was 15 years old, died.  After that I really emphasized God's love and how he wants us to be with him and how Jesus is the only way we can.  The kids really responded and said that they believe in Jesus.  So, after I really made sure that they understood and wanted to give their life to Jesus,  I lead them in a prayer of trusting Christ alone to forgive their sins.

I know that so many seeds have been planted this week and it's so amazing to see it click in the kids minds when they finally understand!  Pray that those seeds would grow as they return to their villages and that they would not forget what they learned.

The whole team says 'Hello!' to everybody at home!




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