This is the blog for the 2011 Girls Choir Brazil Team!  Check back often for updates!


This was the day of the first concert and ministry opportunities.

Practice in the afternoon.

Prayer before the first concert

Ready to sing!

About to go in to sing the closing songs

More of the smiling team

After a full day of ministry.

Lacey with Jonathan and Tamba Abel's daughter and a friend.

Singing at a packed, standing-room-only service at the close of a special conference.

We just arrived at the Bible School, Seminary and Orphanage campus after 40 (or 39.5) hours of traveling.  God mightily answered our prayers throughout the trip but especially with a critical issue we had to deal with regarding Summer's passport.  All the girls did awesome!  They traveled so well!  From the large amount of luggage they worked together on, to customs and immigration forms, to four security checks, complicated check-ins, four time zones changes, etc...they were great.  (Asher also did super and seems to be loving Brazil.)  Since pictures are worth a thousand words and I'm not very used to typing on a netbook, I'll just start with the pics!

Here is a picture at baggage claim.


Clara being Clara and others waiting for our bags

Asher pitching in with the large amount of luggage.

All finally in Curtitiba after our four flights!

Eating with Paul and Becky at a place on the way to Campo Morao

Paul and Becky are the most amazing hosts you could ever imagine, especially for a group this size!  They surprised us with an amazing bus they chartered to get us the 7 hours from Curtitiba to Campo Morao.  It was a Godsend!  The seats laid back far and it was very comfortable which enabled everyone to get some great sleep for a few hours.

Liz and Hannah looking out the window as we finally arrived at the campus!


More to come!  Thank you for your prayers and amazing support!  The first concert is tomorrow night at a women's conference here!

The Brazil mission team will be giving a presentation on March 13th at 6:30 pm. They will share in song and testimony and are excited to have the opportunity to show what they will be doing in Brazil.

As the time draws near for them to leave, they covet your prayers and are so very thankful for all the love and support shown to them.

As a team, they have almost raised $1000 per person. From Christmas trees, to coffee, to pizza cards and Krispy Kreme donuts, they have worked to be resourceful and creative. They have also sang at Bethany Lutheran in Astoria OR, Faith Community in Mount Vernon, Camano Chapel on Camano Island and will sing at Elim Lutheran in Lake Stevens on the 13th of March. They performed two benefit concerts last year and even had the opportunity to be entertainment at a dinner party.

Once again, a huge thanks to all who have prayed, supported, and encouraged the team! What a blessing you have been to each one!

We were blessed to raise $1856 on our Kripsy Kreme Fundraiser. We were able to sell almost 200 dozen donuts. Because our order was not processed correctly we were given 100 dozen donuts free from Krispy Kreme! We were able to make 100% profit off of those donuts. Even when things seem to be a mistake God has used them for good. He is so faithful!

Praise God that $3800 was raised for the Girls Brazil Mission Trip at the Gospel Benefit Concert at Atonement on November 7th at 6pm!  Various groups and individuals shared some classic Gospel pieces that left a song in our heart and a spring in our step!  4ThisTime Girls Chorus is preparing for a mission trip to Brazil in the Spring serving in many churches with Missionary/Pastor Paul and Becky Abel!  Thank you to ALL who gave SO generously!  Continue to pray for this mission opportunity!

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