Friday was a long day of travel from Foz de Iguacu to Bateias near Curtitiba.  We got a later start than anticipated because the bus suspension was not working correctly when we were ready to load.  Thankfully, when a repair man was called, it was a quick fix.

We had a time of worship and devotions in this pavilion while we waited for the bus to be fixed.


Asher taking his turn at the wheel with Pastor Paul.

At our bathroom break, one of the statues was having a wardrobe malfunction so I helped it out.

For the 10+ hour bus ride, we had every person on the bus stand up and share about themselves : what they have been learning, a favorite memory, etc.  It was lots of fun.

Asher did not enjoy 10 hours in the carseat so he was happiest while sleeping.

Clara sharing.

Winter telling a hilarious memory.


Pastor Paul sharing about the beginning of the mission in Brazil.

We arrived at the Arca Camp at about 9pm and ate supper, moved in and got settled.  It is a beautiful camp that is at the home of Pastor Paul and Becky Abel.  There have been even more improvements and changes since the last time I was here and it is beautiful - a tremendous setting for ministry!


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