Today was an amazing day! As close to 9am as we could get with our passports strapped safely to Luke, we headed to the bird park after a devotion from Colossians 4. Upon arrival we got hit with the first rain shower they'd seen in a month (what are the odds?) Some of us ventured out while others stayed safely sheltered from the warm rain. The birds were awesome to see! We even found a parrot that spoke Portuguese!

Most of us were able to have a parrot perch on our arm and a snake on our shoulders (don't worry folks, not at the same time). Even Asher touched the snake!

You might recognize these travellers with us! Kathryn Norris...and...

...Bryan Bohl!

After the bird park, we headed five minutes down the road to Igaucu Falls. It was probably the most amazing display of God's creation I have ever seen! On the lowest viewing dock we all got soaked but it was worth it with the view we got!

Brasil is trying to get Igaucu Falls on the list of the 7 great wonders of the world! We headed back to the hostel to get ready for our even concert. Sadly, Lacey slipped and hurt her ankle, so please pray for her healing! She's been such a great sport!

God sustained us as we did our whole program and two testimonies - Sarah Furrow and myself. I hope our performace touched many hearts! We headed back to our hostel and most of us jumped in the pool within a few minutes. Even Asher tested the waters! It's our last night here at the hostel and then we're heading on a ten hour bus ride to the ARCA in the morning. Tchau!


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