Oi! We got up nice and early again today, 6am our time while our families were safely tucked in bed at 2am. I (Hannah) stood up wrong the night before and dislocated my knee. So, during our daily activities the team was so kind as to help me around everywhere.

After a breakfast of fruit and bread and coffee brewed in sugar water served in doll-sized coffee cups, we got on the road for Maringa (about 90minutes away).

We were thoroughly entertained with Judy's continuous fixation on a praise chorus we heard the other Sunday night; she kept thinking the lady was singing about Shamu (Sea World flashbacks anyone?) Seconds ago, Judy said: "Okay y'all, it wasn't a whale!" However "Chegar" was the actual word which means to arrive.

We arrived at a school in Maringa (last a needs an accent, unfortunately my IPod speaks about as good Portuguese as I do!) We had the priveledge of doing 4 concerts today for children, youth, and college students! (wow!)

First of five concerts!

The group of children gathered to hear our second concert

Our day started with breakfast at 7am, our first concert was at 9am and we didn't arrive back at Campo Mourao till close to midnight. Luke and Summer had an especially short night and long day because they stayed up until 3am rewriting their purity seminars which were presented today to unbelievers.

The last concert of the day was in a very large area that university students used for their 9pm break from classes. It was awesome! It was an incredible amount of people and they were very engaged in the presentation! The leaders of the university could not believe all the people that just stopped and listened the entire time.

I really feel like our team is being knit together in love on this trip and I know God is at work here! Thank you for your prayers and please keep us in your thoughts as we travel to Iguacu Falls tomorrow and move forward in this time we have been given to sing and to serve the wonderful people of Brasil!

Our luggage bay on our bus with all over our tour gear.


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