So sorry we have not gotten an update out.  It has been non-stop and last night and this morning the internet was down.

On Monday, we did some work projects around the campus to clean and spruce things up a bit. Window washing, pruning, floor scrubbing, mopping tiles, dishes, yard work, etc.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to go to the local Bible Camp to swim in the lake for a little while.

Here are the beans and rice for supper.

After supper, we went for ice cream before heading to the university for a late-night concert.

The ice cream shop wanted them to sing for their ice cream.

A teacher that had been at the Saturday evening concert invited us to the university to sing. Many classes are late at night because people work all day.

The girls did a concert and testimony for a packed auditorium then divided up with small groups for them to practice their English on.

The girls had so much fun doing this as you will see in the pictures.

We arrived back at midnight.


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