We just arrived at the Bible School, Seminary and Orphanage campus after 40 (or 39.5) hours of traveling.  God mightily answered our prayers throughout the trip but especially with a critical issue we had to deal with regarding Summer's passport.  All the girls did awesome!  They traveled so well!  From the large amount of luggage they worked together on, to customs and immigration forms, to four security checks, complicated check-ins, four time zones changes, etc...they were great.  (Asher also did super and seems to be loving Brazil.)  Since pictures are worth a thousand words and I'm not very used to typing on a netbook, I'll just start with the pics!

Here is a picture at baggage claim.


Clara being Clara and others waiting for our bags

Asher pitching in with the large amount of luggage.

All finally in Curtitiba after our four flights!

Eating with Paul and Becky at a place on the way to Campo Morao

Paul and Becky are the most amazing hosts you could ever imagine, especially for a group this size!  They surprised us with an amazing bus they chartered to get us the 7 hours from Curtitiba to Campo Morao.  It was a Godsend!  The seats laid back far and it was very comfortable which enabled everyone to get some great sleep for a few hours.

Liz and Hannah looking out the window as we finally arrived at the campus!


More to come!  Thank you for your prayers and amazing support!  The first concert is tomorrow night at a women's conference here!


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