meaganicon1.jpgHello Everyone,

We all arrived safely here at Kako yesterday afternoon. It has been neat getting to know everyone here start preparing for camp this week.

Due to limited internet/email time we will be updating as often as possible.

Thanks so much for your prayers as we minister to the hearts and lives of all the kids coming to camp the next two weeks. We are all looking forward to seeing God's hand moving mightily in the lives of all the kids and staff here, learning new life lessons, and gaining a new perspective of how big our God is.

To God be the Glory!

Meagan for the team


Prayer Requests:

  • Flexibility in dealing with preconceived expectations
  • Unity among not only our team but the rest of the staff here
  • Sensitivity and awareness of how God is working and aligning ourselves with Him
  • Good health and strength for the week (some staff here are coming down with colds etc.)
  • Our lives would be an expression of God's love to the kids and that they would see and understand what a relationship with God looks like (for some we will be the only example of Christ in their lives)
  • For open hearts in the kids and wisdom as we spend time and invest  into their lives



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