Wow, it's been a great week! Starting last Sat we all dove into a list of insane projects making today our dead limit :)

 The list included, building a heavy duty pantry for Matthew, a chicken coop from scratch, clotheslines and a fence for the chickens, sewing 7 different sets of curtains, painting the house doors, painting living rooms bedrooms and a bathroom.  Redecorating the girls' room as a surprise for them, landscaping the yard and hauling in a ton of bags of sawdust for the ground for planting grass. The yard looks like a sandy beach now.

 Throughout the process of these 5 days we had to give up playing soccer :( That was so sad! Everyone was on the edge of throwing up or in bed snoozing off the nauseousness before chugging on,


Joe worked hard on the pantry and did a beautiful job making it a masterpiece of hefty art! That is the coolest pantry ever :) A couple of the days he felt awful but the guy just kept on going.

 Daniel worked on the pantry with Joe, varnished a bunch of it with me, set up the clotheslines, worked on the chicken coop, making it look nicer than my bedroom.

 Michael and Joe drew out the chicken coop plans then Daniel and Michael built it with Juan and Armando who had the times of their lives building this mini compacted building.

Joe Michael and Daniel weaved between eachother like a tapestry, everyone would work on the pantry then some would be on the chicken pen or fence. But they completed it all, and they all worked through their discomforts. Each one of them worked their hardest and did an amazing job.

 Matthew's yard looks like a different place and the chickens are so happy I think they're partying today.



Joanna and Suzy have worked endlessly on the curtain sets for all the boys' window. The coolest looking curtains too. It's definitely  not just some fabric thrown up there. These curtains are beautiful and they match each person's room and make the living room outstanding. Joanna has worked non stop, seriously, I walk by and she's sewing away, now 5 days latter every room has a gorgeous set of curtains in it!

 Paula and Janet have helped with everything possible thing there is. Suzy's living room and bathroom look like a magazine picture now after these two girls painted and beautified the place, they've helped with all the meals, therapies, decorating and shopping trips.

 The funnest is to fix up a place and then see the before and after picture side by side. God has been so good and has really blessed us with the funds to do all these projects so may he bless whoever has sent them cause it would have been impossible to do all this without it.

 Morning's were spent at Matthews for devotions or a team devotions at Kyle and Suzy's before starting up the day. All the kids observed with smiles or stares of awe as their house slowly turned into the coolest boy's house ;) It's the most satisfying exciting thing to walk into someone's life and paint it for them :) OH MAN, GOD IS SO GOOD and I am so thankful for HIM, and for the team he brought. They've done so well. I wish I could adopt them all as my kids and say I raised them. Each one is different and they all get along so well, I love that.
Talk about team work.

 We have two remaining days in Margaritas so we're looking forward to having some fun time with the kids till we leave :)

               Love, Hildi


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