Throughout life there are times when a window opens and God down pours his amazing grace and blessings.

 Psalm 145:17,18  "The Lord is fair in everything he does, and full of kindness. He is close to all who call on him sincerely."

I can honestly say that even though I have doubted God's sovereignty, he has been fair with every decision that's affected my family or my life.  If anything happened that caused pain it's made me stronger in my spirit, if anything seemed confusing and out of order, I've realized a puzzle is only completed by putting unfinished sections together. Some trips have been crazy, some wild, some stressful and some the same, but lately I have felt that window creak open just a bit more and I have felt God's blessing come crashing in through the doors and leak through the roof. IT"S EVERYWHERE!  GOD IS SO GOOD.

I love being back in Mexico. Getting my hands and knees dirty with sweat and mud again, speaking Spanish and eating the familiar beans and rice. It all makes me wanna frolic across fields of wheat and chase foxes with no shoes on and a ukulele strapped to my back :)  ALTHOUGH, I DO MISS MY PEOPLES UP THERE IN WASHINGTON :(

Yesterday was a blast. We had another team of ten arrive from San Cristobal. They've been doing medical work in the jungle and came to spend the weekend with the kidos. We all divided into groups and knocked out several projects. There were people cooking, sewing, making clotheslines and painting. Hustling and bustling all over the place, like red ants charging across a grassy battlefield. The sun shone bright and left us toasty roasty. at 6 pm we drove the vans over to Matthew's house and sang songs, told stories, drank coffee with bread and played  games. Everyone was jolly and excited :) 

We walked back home from Matthew's throwing the football back and forth. The guys do great at communicating the bit of spanish they know with no embarrassment whatsoever. I couldn't stop laughing as we raced down the street having the time of our lives.

Before going to bed our team headed out for a hot corn on the cob. We wove our way through a sea of faces staring at us, munched on the delicious corn, observed the overcrowded city because of the yearly fair that's going on, then finished the day up with something cold.

Thank you for all the prayers, they've kept us alive and well :) I love you all and sure can't wait to behold your faces again. But until then, we will continue to push on with God's grace.

Love, Hildi 


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