Hola! Thought we should probably throw an update and some photos out there to let you know we’re alive! Everything has been going great here! Yesterday was another action packed, crazy day of travelling.  I think I’ve beat my record of “most miles travelled in one week by every mode of transportation.” By airplane, car, foot, and does a little river raft count as a boat? Anyway, so yesterday we drove to Guatemala with all of the older kids and celebrated Juan’s cumpleaños (birthday). The picture here is of us half in Mexico and half in Guatemala.

  Halfway in Guatemala 

Following walking around right across the border in Guatemala, we went swimming in probably the most refreshing and clear water in the world at the Lagos de Colón and also walked through some beautiful waterfalls! Waterfall

Muy bonito! I wish I could have gotten more photos!

Kyle and Suzy

All in all, it has been amazing, and slightly surreal, for all of us to be down here.  These first couple days have been less scheduled as we are adjusting, but I can already see how God is beginning to challenge each one of us in specific different ways.  The prayer of our team has been as we are serving in various ways down here, that everything we do would draw us closer to him. I can already see how God has begun to answer that prayer.  God is good.

Right now, an another team has come over for the weekend to help us with a ton of the projects around here (Kyle and Suzy’s) and Matthew’s place. In fact, I need to get out there and help them build some crazy cool clothes lines in the back yard, so I should sign off!

             Joanna hanging up clothes                           Paula and Edith

Wokring on the Clothes lines

Thank you for all your prayers! What a blessing it has been to know that many people are praying for us and to see God answer those prayers! Even the little and specific prayers.

Blessings on you all!




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