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Wow, it's been a great week! Starting last Sat we all dove into a list of insane projects making today our dead limit :)

 The list included, building a heavy duty pantry for Matthew, a chicken coop from scratch, clotheslines and a fence for the chickens, sewing 7 different sets of curtains, painting the house doors, painting living rooms bedrooms and a bathroom.  Redecorating the girls' room as a surprise for them, landscaping the yard and hauling in a ton of bags of sawdust for the ground for planting grass. The yard looks like a sandy beach now.

 Throughout the process of these 5 days we had to give up playing soccer :( That was so sad! Everyone was on the edge of throwing up or in bed snoozing off the nauseousness before chugging on,


Joe worked hard on the pantry and did a beautiful job making it a masterpiece of hefty art! That is the coolest pantry ever :) A couple of the days he felt awful but the guy just kept on going.

 Daniel worked on the pantry with Joe, varnished a bunch of it with me, set up the clotheslines, worked on the chicken coop, making it look nicer than my bedroom.

 Michael and Joe drew out the chicken coop plans then Daniel and Michael built it with Juan and Armando who had the times of their lives building this mini compacted building.

Joe Michael and Daniel weaved between eachother like a tapestry, everyone would work on the pantry then some would be on the chicken pen or fence. But they completed it all, and they all worked through their discomforts. Each one of them worked their hardest and did an amazing job.

 Matthew's yard looks like a different place and the chickens are so happy I think they're partying today.



Joanna and Suzy have worked endlessly on the curtain sets for all the boys' window. The coolest looking curtains too. It's definitely  not just some fabric thrown up there. These curtains are beautiful and they match each person's room and make the living room outstanding. Joanna has worked non stop, seriously, I walk by and she's sewing away, now 5 days latter every room has a gorgeous set of curtains in it!

 Paula and Janet have helped with everything possible thing there is. Suzy's living room and bathroom look like a magazine picture now after these two girls painted and beautified the place, they've helped with all the meals, therapies, decorating and shopping trips.

 The funnest is to fix up a place and then see the before and after picture side by side. God has been so good and has really blessed us with the funds to do all these projects so may he bless whoever has sent them cause it would have been impossible to do all this without it.

 Morning's were spent at Matthews for devotions or a team devotions at Kyle and Suzy's before starting up the day. All the kids observed with smiles or stares of awe as their house slowly turned into the coolest boy's house ;) It's the most satisfying exciting thing to walk into someone's life and paint it for them :) OH MAN, GOD IS SO GOOD and I am so thankful for HIM, and for the team he brought. They've done so well. I wish I could adopt them all as my kids and say I raised them. Each one is different and they all get along so well, I love that.
Talk about team work.

 We have two remaining days in Margaritas so we're looking forward to having some fun time with the kids till we leave :)

               Love, Hildi

Isaiah 41:13

“For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.'”

 Leo telling the story

Leo telling the story

These last couple days have been a blur.  It honestly took me a few minutes to remember what day it was this morning! Thank you for all of you who heard about Leo’s motorcycle accident on Thursday and were praying for him.  God really did a miracle in protecting his life.  For those of you who haven’t heard, Leo was driving the moped around town when a large truck took a sudden right turn and collided with him.  He found himself pinned to the moped under the truck as he clung to the front grill, keeping his head inches away from one of the front tires.  Once the truck was able to a complete halt, Leo was miraculously able to pull himself from under the truck and make one call to Kyle before the serious impact of the grill to his head caused him to lose consciousness.

After being transferred from Las Margaritas’ basic hospital to Comitán where further X-rays were done, he is home now.  We ask that you would continue to keep him in your prayers as he is recovering from several fractures in his skull.  Glory to God that he is still with us and that he is recovering amazingly well already.

I think that each one of us here was a bit shaken up by this and awakened to the fact God really holds each of our lives in His hands.  Words cannot express how thankful we all are that God was right there protecting Leo.

Thank you again for your prayers!

-Michael Thomas

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ.



  I wish I could paint a picture with my words of God’s goodness and mercy printed and woven into every moment of the day. It’s been so fun living it daily. Sometimes there may not be a lot of food, but there is ALWAYS enough. There’s been some hard falls, but no broken bones.

Just yesterday we started the day with no water in the cisterns. It had all finished and no one knew if the city water would come through or not. We told the Lord about it and kept on praying through the day. Well, Armando was able to contact the water guy sooner than expected, and on top of that water came through the pipes which was not expected. By the end of the day the water was spilling over the sides of the tank and we were all dancing and praising God.

 Random people or neighbours come to the door daily with little bags of groceries or bananas, sometimes a pot of tamales or bread. God’s blessings are constantly streaming in through all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the size of a rain drop and sometimes the size of the moon.

 I’ve admired the entire team for their hard work and willingness to push on even when they’re exhausted at times. Everyone’s up and out the door by 5:50am for devotions at Matt’s before the day begins. The rest of the day is filled with school, therapies and projects from A to Z.  The guys are working on a chicken coop for the boy’s chickens.  Team work creates a bomb of accomplishments. So much can get done when a group of people decide to work together.  I’ll be eternally thankful for this team, and I love them to pieces.

   — Hildi Dappen


Goodbye party for Fernando. WE ALL MISS HIM!

Goodbye party for Fernando. WE ALL MISS HIM!



The cutest boy ever chomping away on his bread

chomping away on his bread

New Sunday Style

New Sunday Style

Eleazer loves to raise his hands and laugh.

Eleazer loves to raise his hands and laugh.

Sweet time with Angel

Sweet time with Angel

Joanna and Janet cleaning

Joanna and Janet cleaning

Paula and Juanita working in the kitchen

Paula and Juanita working in the kitchen

Daniel and little red taking in the scenery

Daniel and little red taking in the scenery

Fun Saturday outing with all the older kids

Fun Saturday outing with all the older kids

I think that's a hole in the road...

I think that’s a hole in the road…

Hey everyone!

  Life here in Margaritas has been a constant flurry of excitement from day one to now. I can’t say how amazing it is to be here. Each of the children bring so much laughter and joy into these homes. I am so blessed to finally see them face to face and get to laugh, play, and work with them.

  Monday was the start of the schedule that Kyle put together for our time here. Although, even with a schedule every day is filled with just as many new and unexpected surprises. I am learning more and more what it means to trust the Lord and whether in the midst of order or chaos, joy or disappointment, He is in control. Even in this moment He is working all things together for our good and for His glory. Praise be to God! He is sooo good! Psalm 118:1

Pablito getting his scrumptious breakfast

Pablito getting his scrumptious breakfast

  Every morning at 6am the seven of us go over to Matt’s house. We walk through the door greeted by a chorus of “Buenos dias!” before settling down for devotions. Matthew is reading through 1st Chronicles with the kids so after a lesson, singing, and committing the day to the Lord it’s time for P.E. and breakfast.

  There’s a lot of projects to be done at both houses so we’ve been splitting up to help at Matt’s house or coming back to Kyle and Suzy’s. We got to play soccer yesterday which was a blast. These kids are all pros and it’s fun enough just to watch them all pouring out energy by the bucket loads to chase after the ball.

  Today Hildi, Janet, and I are here at Kyle and Suzy’s with all the girls helping with housecleaning, baking, school, and meals; while the guys are all at Matt’s digging up pipes, painting window sills, and figuring out a housing situation for some chickens.

All in all, no matter what tomorrow brings, lets rejoice because Jesus is King!

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24

–Joanna Coleman

Paula and Betty having a dancing party :)

Paula and Betty having a blast :)

Breakfast and Matthew's house

Breakfast and Matthew’s house.

Joe and Angel relaxing after breakfast

Joe and Angel relaxing after breakfast

Johnny, Daniel and Nacho memorizing the daily verse

Johnny, Daniel and Nacho memorizing the daily verse

Evening worship time

Evening worship time.

Throughout life there are times when a window opens and God down pours his amazing grace and blessings.

 Psalm 145:17,18  "The Lord is fair in everything he does, and full of kindness. He is close to all who call on him sincerely."

I can honestly say that even though I have doubted God's sovereignty, he has been fair with every decision that's affected my family or my life.  If anything happened that caused pain it's made me stronger in my spirit, if anything seemed confusing and out of order, I've realized a puzzle is only completed by putting unfinished sections together. Some trips have been crazy, some wild, some stressful and some the same, but lately I have felt that window creak open just a bit more and I have felt God's blessing come crashing in through the doors and leak through the roof. IT"S EVERYWHERE!  GOD IS SO GOOD.

I love being back in Mexico. Getting my hands and knees dirty with sweat and mud again, speaking Spanish and eating the familiar beans and rice. It all makes me wanna frolic across fields of wheat and chase foxes with no shoes on and a ukulele strapped to my back :)  ALTHOUGH, I DO MISS MY PEOPLES UP THERE IN WASHINGTON :(

Yesterday was a blast. We had another team of ten arrive from San Cristobal. They've been doing medical work in the jungle and came to spend the weekend with the kidos. We all divided into groups and knocked out several projects. There were people cooking, sewing, making clotheslines and painting. Hustling and bustling all over the place, like red ants charging across a grassy battlefield. The sun shone bright and left us toasty roasty. at 6 pm we drove the vans over to Matthew's house and sang songs, told stories, drank coffee with bread and played  games. Everyone was jolly and excited :) 

We walked back home from Matthew's throwing the football back and forth. The guys do great at communicating the bit of spanish they know with no embarrassment whatsoever. I couldn't stop laughing as we raced down the street having the time of our lives.

Before going to bed our team headed out for a hot corn on the cob. We wove our way through a sea of faces staring at us, munched on the delicious corn, observed the overcrowded city because of the yearly fair that's going on, then finished the day up with something cold.

Thank you for all the prayers, they've kept us alive and well :) I love you all and sure can't wait to behold your faces again. But until then, we will continue to push on with God's grace.

Love, Hildi 

More pictures from work and such

Daniel y Gabriel

Gabriel listening to Daniel as he shares for devotions.

Hola! Thought we should probably throw an update and some photos out there to let you know we’re alive! Everything has been going great here! Yesterday was another action packed, crazy day of travelling.  I think I’ve beat my record of “most miles travelled in one week by every mode of transportation.” By airplane, car, foot, and does a little river raft count as a boat? Anyway, so yesterday we drove to Guatemala with all of the older kids and celebrated Juan’s cumpleaños (birthday). The picture here is of us half in Mexico and half in Guatemala.

  Halfway in Guatemala 

Following walking around right across the border in Guatemala, we went swimming in probably the most refreshing and clear water in the world at the Lagos de Colón and also walked through some beautiful waterfalls! Waterfall

Muy bonito! I wish I could have gotten more photos!

Kyle and Suzy

All in all, it has been amazing, and slightly surreal, for all of us to be down here.  These first couple days have been less scheduled as we are adjusting, but I can already see how God is beginning to challenge each one of us in specific different ways.  The prayer of our team has been as we are serving in various ways down here, that everything we do would draw us closer to him. I can already see how God has begun to answer that prayer.  God is good.

Right now, an another team has come over for the weekend to help us with a ton of the projects around here (Kyle and Suzy’s) and Matthew’s place. In fact, I need to get out there and help them build some crazy cool clothes lines in the back yard, so I should sign off!

             Joanna hanging up clothes                           Paula and Edith

Wokring on the Clothes lines

Thank you for all your prayers! What a blessing it has been to know that many people are praying for us and to see God answer those prayers! Even the little and specific prayers.

Blessings on you all!



Here is the team in hot and humid Tuxtla. At this point they had been traveling for 18 hours.


Upon arrival in Margaritas, they went straight to Matt's where they were cooking up a storm!


Here's the the team having nightly devotions.



We were pretty dazed after our 24 hours or so of travelling…

After 24 hours of plane rides, layovers, and small road trips, we’ve made it from the northern tip of the USA, Seattle, Washington, to the southern point of MEXICO, Margaritas, Chiapas. I walked off the plane in Mexico City remembering all the times I asked God to make this trip possible and now here we were, 7 of us on our way to spend a month in Mexico.

We are also thankful that our luggage made it safely through. There was one bag that stayed behind in Mexico City but was sent to Tuxla today. Joanna and I will be driving back to the airport to pick it up with Julie Terrell, WHO BY THE WAY HAS BEEN INCREDIBLY SWEET TO OUR ENTIRE TEAM!  Her and her husband, Nathan Terrell, are missionaries here in San Cristobal and have always swung their doors open as wide as the universe to our entire family any time we’ve come through.

Please continue to pray for safety and protection from sickness. We’re all excited to be here with Matthew, Kyle and Suzy and can’t wait to live out these coming thirty days. It’s crazy to think we live our whole life  planning, preparing and anticipating, all without knowing if any of it will really happen. I know a month has thirty days and I know, Lord willing, those days will come and go, but as to what the end will be I can only close my eyes and commit to God. I KNOW HE’S IN CONTROL.

The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD. Proverbs 21:31

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