Royal Servants Youth Ministry or RSYM is the ministry to young people 7th grade and up at Atonement.  RSYM meets at 6:30pm every Wednesday for fellowship, worship, activities and teaching from God's Word that is applicable to life.

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Royal Servants Youth Ministry is about the adventure of living the teen and single years sold out to God in powerful purpose to impact eternity.

Royal Servants Youth Ministry has a vision of young people who are mighty for God - Ones who live for than just themselves, or fun, a high.  Ones who live sold out for the One True and Living God who sacrificed everything in His love for us.
We believe youth ministry isn't a babysitting program for teens - just to keep them happy and out of trouble, but rather a bootcamp for developing young people who are mighty for God!
This does not mean that we do not have fun!  We have great times together in the context of the bigger purpose God has for us!
We are a different youth group, but we don't apologize for it.  We dig deep into God's Word and seek to live it out in our lives.  We're not about hype - but a real passion for a living God.  We're involved in meeting the needs of people and we're serious about missions.  We seek to spur each other along in a focus on God, rather than a focus on the opposite that distracts the power of the teen years.  We've seen God do miracles and answer prayer and it's exciting to worship Him together.


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