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4 This Time Girls Chorus

4 This Time is the name of the girls chorus at Atonement.

The name, 4 This Time, is taken from Esther 4:14 when Mordecai says to Esther,"Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this."

The purpose and goal of 4 This Time is to serve and witness through music that honors and glorifies God.

Girls 6th grade and up are welcome to participate. Music is provided and practices are from 5-6pm every Wednesday night. 4 This Time offers rich ministry opportunities, training in basic music reading and encouraging fellowship!

Here is some video from 4 This Time at the Lights Of Christmas.




Here is some video from 4 This Time at Atonement.


Music Ministry at Atonement:


There is a Easter Cantada prepared each spring with practices on Sundays after the 11am service and Wednesdays from 5-6pm.  For more information talk to Summer


The orchestra helps to lead each aspect of worship throughout the services at Atonement. Contact Summer if you are interested in offering your gifts in that way.

 Special Music:

If you are interested in doing an offertory, solo, duet, instrumental, etc, talk to Summer Long.


Song Suggestions:

If you would like to suggest a song for use in worship or special music, please click here!


Young Women's Choir:

There is a young women's choir which practices on Wednesdays at 5:30pm before Youth Group.  For more information visit the page 4 This Time or talk to Summer




Worship Philosophy

Part of our vision statement at Atonement is “God-honoring worship.”  Different people have different ideas and preferences in music.  Our aim has been to select songs that are honoring to God, proclaim Biblical truth clearly and are edifying in worship.  We seek to strike a balance between familiar classic hymns from our heritage of faith over centuries past and incorporating newer songs of worship into the life of the congregation. We believe that there is great value to both, regardless of preferences  -- young people can benefit greatly from worshiping God with some of the great hymns of the faith from centuries past and mature generations can also benefit from “singing a new song to the Lord.”

For this reason, we have avoided creating two different style worship services.  There are rich benefits and beauty in the blending of generations, styles, preferences and traditions in the worship service.  We would miss out on the combination of the depth of faith tradition and maturity combined with fresh expressions and young vitality.  Obviously, this takes some deference and patience but we believe it is worth it to have a healthy family of faith with all the generations represented in unity.

We appreciate your prayers for God’s leading and wisdom and good balance in this.  We welcome your feedback in how we are doing in this area.  There is always room for improvement!


Senior’s Ministry of Atonement:

The Senior’s Luncheon:

The Seniors luncheon is a fun monthly activity, gathering seniors from the community for fellowship around a delicious lunch and program. The luncheon happens the second Thursday of each month at noon in Atonement’s fellowship hall.


Royal Servants Youth Ministry or RSYM is the ministry to young people 7th grade and up at Atonement.  RSYM meets at 6:30pm every Wednesday for fellowship, worship, activities and teaching from God's Word that is applicable to life.

For more information, see the youth website at

Read more: Youth Ministry

IMPACT is a group of young adults (college-age and above) who want live the big purposes God created them for. Our generation tends to be focused only on living for the moment in consumerism ("I want it now") and entertainment ("I want it fun") but these fall so short of the incredible purposes that God has created us for and the eternal realities that we will one day face.  We are a group that does have lots of fun together while encouraging each other in faith, truth and love in action!




IMPACT meets every Thursday at 7:00pm.  From studies to outings, service projects to activities....we mix it up!  The activities, projects and locations are always changing week to week so there's no way you can keep track of us unless you subscribe to the email or text message list.  If you would like to receive either/both of these alerts, use the form below.

Some of our favorite fellowship activities we've done are bbq's, frisbee golf competitions, drive-in movies, murder-mystery parties, wally-ball and bubble tea outings, movie nights, mountain rappelling and random trips.

Subscribe to the weekly email or text list and join us as we grow and serve together for the glory of the King of kings! 




We like to get feedback for what works best for as many as possible. Give your feedback in this survey. Click here

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