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Royal Servants Youth Ministry! 

Every Wednesday Night is an awesome event for teens at 6:30pmOutings, adventures, competitions, service projects in the community…these and more provide great opportunities to grow in character, meet awesome friends, develop skills and grow in a closer relationship with the Creator God through His Word!


Have you ever noticed that sometimes people treat teens like they are in a Day Care - just stay happy and out of trouble!  That's like soldiers playing patty-cake!  Royal Servants Youth Ministry has a vision of young people who are mighty for God - Ones who live for more than just themselves, or fun or temporary fulfillment.  Ones who live sold out for the One True and Living God who sacrificed everything in His love for us.
Youth group should be more like a boot-camp for developing young people who are mighty for God and ready to serve!
This does not mean that we do not have fun!  We have great times together in the context of the bigger purpose God has for us!

We are a different brand of youth group, but we don't apologize for it.  We dig deep into God's Word and seek to live it out in our lives.  We're not about hype - but a real passion for a living God.  We're involved in meeting the needs of people and we're serious about missions.  We've seen God do miracles and answer prayer and it's exciting to worship Him together.


We've added some special features to our youth website!  The new website has an extensive photo album with hundreds of pictures, videos, polls, posts by the leaders and the students themselves and much more!!  Membership is required to access the full features of the website.

With the youth website being a closed-access website that is carefully watched, it is a safe place to connect with what is going on and discussions only with those linked with the youth ministry of Atonement.

Check it out!



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